Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rimmel London Wonder'Full Mascara

Whenever I need a new mascara Rimmel is the brand I go to, they always have a wide rang of quirky mascaras, suitable for all your eyelash needs. This Wonder'Full mascara is no exception, It has the standard plastic bristle brush, which I know is a love hate for some people.  I'm personally a fan of the plastic spiky brushes, they just seem to really separate my lashes. But its not the brush that makes this mascara stand out, its the fact the mascaras formula contains Argan Oil. Now I don't know if I am just behind with the times, but I have never used a mascara that contains any form of oils to help condition the lashes, so when I spotted that this one does I had to give it a whorl.

I actually love this mascara, the formula is not waterproof, yet I find that it hardly flakes, if at all.  The brush helps to really define each lash, and make them look long and thick. The wand is also flexible so its easy to apply to every lash and doesn't make them look clumpy, which is always a pet hate of mine. Even if I apply several coats the lashes still look long and clump free. The wand is fairly big, but as its not rigid its easy to miniver so even if you have smaller eyes I'm sure you would get along with this fine.

This mascara retails at £7.99, which is pretty good for a mascara, and I think its worth every penny.



  1. Argan oil?Ive never heard of that either,it sounds like a steal to me!(: definitely gunna try to remember this gem.(: