Saturday, 15 November 2014

Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set

Origins is a brand that for some reasons always draws me in, so when I spotted this gift set was on sale from £50 to £23, I couldn't just walk by. This set comes with three different Origin masks, first of which is the popular Drink Up intensive mask, then there is the Clear Improvement clay mask and also Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. They are all 75ml and come in a nice presentation box which would make them great as a Christmas gift.

This mask is designed to fight any problems your skin  may throw at you, it has salicylic acid which is great for killing bacteria, removing dead skin cells and helping your skin look brighter and clearer. It also contains Zinc Oxide and Sulphur which helps with oil control as well as camphor which aids in calming down any skin redness or irritation.  This mask states its designed with more oily or blemish prone skin in mind, but It can be used by anyone who is experiencing any skin troubles.

A brilliant Charcoal and clay based mask that helps tackle any clogged pore issues that may be caused by things such as pollution, making this mask great for any city chicks...or city guys, it doesn't discriminate by gender.  It has the classic dark face mask colour and acts as a form of dirt magnet that sucks out all the grim from deep within your pores. Its the perfect mask for those who need a really deep clean and is suggested to be used roughly once a week for the best results.

This is a slightly different mask compared with the first two, this is a over night mask that you apply before bed and leave on over night. This might seem like a strange thing to do, as usually a mask will be rinsed off after about 10 minutes. This mask works well as during sleep the skin repairs itself, and products that are applied at night have a longer time to sink in and get to work. Now I don't claim to be a skin expert by any means, but this mask is great for those whose skin is dry, dehydrated or just looking dull. It contains Avocado oil as well as Apricot oil, that deeply hydrate and quench dry skin. As well as Japanese Seaweed to help prevent the skin from future dehydration. This product smells like apricot and goes on clear. 

This gift set is ideal as a present or just for someone who wants to test out these masks without committing to the full size products and the full size price range. 

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