Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flamingo Candles

If I'm being honest, Flamingo Candles are a totally new brand to me, which is weird as they are made in South Wales....where I live haha. I heard about these candles through a Twitter post, and they intrigued me enough to looked into them and I fell insistently in love. The funky packaging really drew me in, I love the jars, the design, and the fact they come with a screw on lid. Unlike Yankee candles which have the stopper style lid that I always forget about, and I then end up dropping my candle on my hand due to it falling off, ouch.

Flamingo Candles are some of the quirkiest looking candles I have owned, they look so nice in pretty much every room in my house, and they come in a large range of fragrances. These candles are even more unique as they are made with Soybeans and cotton wicks, and they are non toxic and clean burning candles. Which makes them a lot safer for us to breath in, and are kinder to the environment, which is always a plus.

 As soon as I found these candles online I placed an order for two jar candles. The first of which was Macaroon and Almond High Tea, the cream coloured candle in the photo. Then I stumbled across Cheesecake Crunch, the purple candle, and I could not say no. Anyone that knows me will know I love, no I adore cheesecake, so a candle that says it smells like cheesecake couldn't be passed up.  I know sweet smells are defiantly not for everyone, and this brand defiantly doesn't just stop at sweet smelling candles. They have a wide rang and variety of all different fragrances, from White tea and Mint, Oriental Rose and Lotus, to Mulled wine, which would be great for the Christmas season.

The website states these candles can burn for up to 50 hours, and only cost £12. They also do Scent Melts, for those of you who prefer to scent your home that way, and they have an option of buying gift cards, which would be great as a Christmas gift.   

I really suggest that you check these candles out, I love burning candles during the winter and these are definably in my top picks.

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