Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fall Clothing Haul.

I have been really trying to up my clothing game lately, I feel like I have a bunch of summer clothes and nothing suitable for the colder months. So when payday came around I thought I would purchase a some things and these are a few of my favourites, and just a little taste of what I bought.

First of all, I own one pair of jeans, which is totally ludicrous. I ended up throwing a lot of my clothes away when I was travelling around America as my case became far to heavy to carry, which meant the clothes suitable for colder weather all went in the bin. So I thought It was probably time to buy another pair of jeans. I picked this pair up from Primark, I actually like the jeans they sell and they have a fairly big variety of styles, they even do petite! which is great for me and my miniature legs haha. These jeans are really soft and light, which makes them more comfortable to wear, and they only cost around £10. 

The next thing I also purchased from Primark, and that is the bag. My last bag basically broke so I needed to buy a new one. I spotted this bag and just fell in love. It has a fake leather and suede effect, with a long adjustable strap. It is the perfect size for me to hold all my junk in and it looks very clean and smart. This also only cost around £11 odd, which is a barging.  

The next two purchases are from H&M, I love the jumpers they sell and they are always a reasonable price. I saw this salt and pepper style jumper from the other side of the store and did a half run, shuffle style walk straight to it. I probably looked like a mad women but I just got so excited. This jumper costs £12.99 and is a perfect length on me, its soft and looks so good and effortless with just a simple pair of jeans.

While I was in line to pay for the jumper my eyes landed on this shimmery silver bag, I guess I am like some kind of magpie. It is £2.99 and I thought it would be perfect for a little make up bag and would look great in my new black bag, so of course I had to say yes (I was right, It does look great).

I think my next purchase will be a pair of ripped black jeans, another jumper (you can never have to many jumpers) and a coat. If you have any suggestions of great stores or online shops, please let me know. 

Hope you are all having a great autumn/fall.  

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