Friday, 12 September 2014

Sanctuary Spa - 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

During that lovely 'time of the months' (not) my skin gets very oily and very spotty, thanks to this brilliant thing called hormones. If I wasn't already emotional, having to deal with a face full of pimples can really stress me out. So I'm always on the hunt for something, anything, that will help my skin look and feel better, and believe me, I have tried a lot.

I was in Boots one day and they were having their 3 for 2 promotion. I already had two things so I thought I might as well get a third product as its free, and I spotted this face mask on the shelf. Sanctuary isn't a brand I usually go for, I'm not really sure why but I just seem to overlook the brand. However I saw this mask, quickly read the packaging and thought why not. I have never tried a self heating mask before, so I thought it would be an interesting experience and I gave it a go.

 This mask is basically a Clay and Charcoal mask designed to draw out impurities which is great for blemish prone skin, it heats up on the face which helps to really open the pores and get deep down into them to draw out all the gross oil and dirt. It also contains various essential oils such as Sweet Almond Oil to help sooth and calm the face as well as adding a bit of moisture, as clay based masks can be a little drying on the skin.

When you apply this mask to your face it heats up slightly as you rub it in which actually feels really nice, then you leave it for only 5 minutes, making it super easy and fast to use, even when you are in a rush or really busy. You then wash it off like any standard face mask.

Once I use this my skin feels so much cleaner, more fresh and less red. It really helps to calm down any blemishes I have and leaves my skin looking a lot better than it did before. I only use this mask during oily skin times as I feel like it would be too much for my skin sometimes, however If you are spot prone or have acne this is worth giving it a go. Its £10.50 for 100ml and I have got so many applications out of this tube. This brand is available here or at most Boots stores.

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