Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea.

Green Tea is a herbal tea that you just simply add hot water to. I absolutely love Green Tea and drink a million cups a day. This tea is so good for you and there is a multitude of health benefits you can gain from drinking this tea. I have listed a few, but if you just Google the benefits of Green Tea, the list is very long. 

To start with Green Tea is Anti Inflammatory, so helps if you have any joint issues or illness.

It boosts your immune system as it has Catechin, which is an antioxidant. Therefore this tea is great for the winter months when everyone seems to catch a cold. Due to the same reasoning, Green Tea is said to help fight Cancer-Causing Cells. Win!

It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease as it fights bad cholesterol, as well as reducing high blood pressure.  

Tests have also shown Green Tea aids in weight loss and also helps your body burn fat as fuel, which is beneficial when working out, thus helping fat loss. 

Green Tea also has skin benefits, as its full of Anti Oxidants it fights free radicals that can be caused by things such as pollution or the sun, therefore reducing skin damage. As it is Anti Inflammatory it can also de-puff the face which is great after long nights or to much alcohol. (On a side note, Green Tea is excellent for the day after large amounts of alcohol has been consumed, as it helps cleanse the liver, it is packed with Anti Oxidants which repairs the body and also helps make you look and feel a whole lot better)

Studies have also found that if you use Green Tea topically, it can help reduce the signs of psoriasis, as it will help slow down the production of these type of cells. 

It also helps reduce the redness in Rosacea and fight against wrinkles as it is Anti Oxidant loaded.


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