Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Garnier Pure Active BB cream

In case you have no idea what a BB cream is, its essentially a light weight foundation with 'skincare benefits', I am always sceptical about how well these types of products work as skin care though. 

The Garnier Pure Active BB cream claims it helps those who are blemish prone as it has a 'anti-blackhead' formula, with 2% salicylic acid in it. It also states that it is mattifying and has SPF 15 built in. Now I'm not sure how well this product works for helping prevent break outs, however it does leave my skin fairly Matt (Matt enough for my own person preference). In all honestly I did not buy this product for the skincare claims, I bought is as I was looking for a nice light coverage, no fuss foundation that will even out my skin tone without looking like I am wearing a load of make up. This BB cream works very well for that, its nice and light, it doesn't feel heavy, or like its going to cause loads of break outs, it doesn't really feel like I have make up on at all. Its great for the days when you can't really be bothered to faff about with make up, or if you are on holiday and don't want heaps of foundation melting off your face. 

However, I am pretty pale, roughly ivory in most foundation I buy, unless I have a tan of course. This BB cream claims to be light, its pretty dark, I cannot use it in the winter months as its waaaay to dark, unless I fake tan/bronze my neck. In the summer however it suits my skin colour fairly well. The colour rang isn't fantastic for most BB creams, which is a shame, but as they become more popular hopefully they will start producing a greater range of colours.  

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