Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday tea and pamper spree.

There are two perks to a Sunday,  one being I can relax with a cup of tea, read my books/watch youtube videos and catch up on my blog post reading list. I can also spend the day pampering myself by massaging skincare products after skincare products into my face. In some ways I love Sundays, but they can be a very boring day, so I hope this post kills someone of the Sunday bordem for you.

 I have recently been trying out the La Roche- Posay Effaclar K daily renewal fluid, which is a retinol based treatment you use once a day all over the face, it contains salicylic acid to help cell turn over and improve the appearance of acne scares and pigmentation. Its designed for those who suffer with mild acne and/or irregular skin texture, it helps to even out skin tone, unclog pores and keep the skin looking and feeling clear and smooth. I have used a handful of different retinol creams before, such as TriAcneal by Avene, so I have something to compare this to, but not only that, I have high expectations as I loved TriAcneal. Considering this is £14.50 I thought this would just be an average product that didn't do anything amazing, but I have really enjoyed using this. My skin has become a lot more clear, I have visibly less spots and the scares I do have are really started to fade out. I actually now have the confidence to go to the shops without any make up on, which for me is astonishing. I would defiantly recommend this, its affordable, unlike a lot of other retinol creams and really does a good job. 


  1. I haven't really tried any retinol creams but this one sounds pretty good. Loving the teacup too! There's something lovely about drinking tea out of bone china :)

    Also, look forward to meeting you at the Bristol Meet :) xx

  2. I have tried a fair few, my skin loves them. I have tried the Philosophy one that's like £30 odd, and this one is equally as good and a fraction of the price. and yeh! Im so looking forward to it. xx

  3. I've just started using effaclar k & I really like it :D x