Friday, 8 February 2013

Mini reviews - Top three loves of this week.

I have been reaching for these three products at every opportunity I get, I adore them all, in a weird, unhealthy obsession sort of way. Nina by Nina Ricci is my all time, hands down favourite perfume like...ever! Its sweet and sexy, the packaging is pretty and this perfume looks and smells fantastic. Some of the notes are red toffee apple, vanilla infusion, apple tree wood and cotton musk. If you don't like sweet smelling perfume, this is not for you, my mum hates this but I however, cannot and will not live without this. Nina by Nina Ricci is defiantly my holy grail, desert island perfume. Following on from that, I think I have found my perfect every day, every occasion nail polish. I have featured it in my monthly favourites here, its the L'oreal colour riche nail polish in 204 Boudoir rose. Like I said in the monthly favourites post, its a sleek and elegant polish that is perfect for any affair. Lastly, La roche -posay Toleriane Riche is a high intensity, non pore clogging moisturiser. Designed for intolerant, sensitive and dry skin, it soothes the stinging that over dry skin can cause, whether that's due to harsh, stripping cleansers or just naturally your skin type. This moisturiser is perfect for anyone who worries about clogging their pores with thick moisturisers but wants relief from dry skin.


  1. I've been wanting to try Nina for the longest time but didn't want to splash out on something I would later realise I didn't like that much. I think I will go for it now, I love a sweet scent!
    Found you through The Tattooed Tealady :)
    Zoe x

  2. You could always go and smell it in a store such as boots, its really nice though. I love sweets smells. :) x