Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sanctuary - Pampering handcare hamper.

This was a Christmas gift set, but Sanctury products can be bought all year round from Boots. I thought this was such a great idea, a hand pampering kit. Most people forget about their hands when thinking about pampering their self, but hands are one of the tell tail signs of ageing. This kit came with a hand wash, scrub, cuticle oil and hand cream. The hand cream has SPF 15 which is fantastic, it helps to soften the skin and prevent ageing. Its not to heavy so can be used throughout the day, and leaves my hands feeling hydrated. 

Hand scrub is something Iv never used before and from the first time I tried this one, I loved it. It a really gritty scrub that works magic on your hands. It leaves them smooth and ready for a coat of moisturiser. I would use this once a week for a real treat. (rhyming ha). Its a great way to remove any dry skin and keep your hands looking fresh and youthful   

Cuticle oil is something I seem to neglect, but something so simple and easy that works a treat. It helps to keep your nail beds looking healthy and your hands soft. Its a great product for anyone trying to grow their nails, or someone who likes to keep their hands looking neat and tidy. 

The last product is a hand wash, now there isn't much to say about hand wash other than it cleans your hands, but as a student I am grateful that its one less thing I have to buy with my own money for my house.

All of these products are made with white tea extract, so they smell great. I'm not sure how much this set was as it was given to me as a gift, but I would highly recommend each product, however my favourite has to be the scrub. I will defiantly be dabbling in my Sanctury products. 

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