Thursday, 10 January 2013

My birthday spa weekend.

This isn't my normal kind of blog post, this is going to be about my birthday trip to a spa. warning: picture heavy post.

On the 6th of January it was my 21st birthday, so for a birthday present my mum took me to the Celtic Manor spa hotel. It was fantastic! The Celtic Manor is a pretty famous hotel in Wales where the welsh rugby team stay on a regular basis. It has a hotel and Elemis spa, that has a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and spa area.  As well as a whole host of restaurants, gym, golf course and much more. 

When I first arrived I dumped my bags in my room and headed to the pool area, this is the jucuzzi, steam and sauna area in the female quarters. I have never been in a steam room before, but my god was it good. 

    The best pool I have ever seen! 

After that we dried off and headed back to our room in our robes that they supplied us with, it was such a lovely room, the beds were like sleeping on a cloud. They had given us loads of free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies, so while we showered and got ready for the night we could sip on delicious tea.  

In our bathroom we had samples of shampoo, shower oil, body lotion and soap from Elemis. I almost had a fit of excitement when I saw this!  The bathroom was amazing, the shower could hold about 4 of me inside it, that's how big it was.

After we got ready we headed for the restaurant, which like everything else, blew me away. The food was so nice and the service was unbelievable.  
The resturant

Birthday drinks

This was my birthday dress from H&M and glitter shoes from Newlook.

There was also a cute shopping area which the best shops Iv ever seen in a hotel.

The next day, me and my mum went down to the spa where I had a full body massage (that was defiantly the icing on the cake). The Elemis spa was such a tranquil place, I would recommend anyone to go there. The staff were so lovely and really helpful. I really, really want to go back! It was the best birthday I have ever had. I cannot fault this hotel and highly recommend this, I would really love to go back again. 


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am!!

    You are so lucky :) This is a beautiful, and happy belated birthday! xx

  2. I loved every single second of it and would go back in a heart beat. Thank you so much :) x