Friday, 4 January 2013

Brillient beauty tools

Beauty tools are often over looked, but they are something that can make a task much easier and faster to do. Here are some of my regularly used and favourites. 

Butterfly clips - These are so useful when styling your hair, they are good at holding hair in sections, allowing easier access to different parts of the hair when straightening, curling, drying est. These clips are often used by hairdressers when they are cutting or blow drying your hair, but can be bought in lots of different places for little cost. They usually come in packs, so they would be great if you needed to section lots of pieces of hair for things such as hair dying. 

Barrel brush - These are excellent for someone who likes to have smooth, sleek and voluminous hair. You used them when blow drying your hair to create a big, bouncy look. It also means that you wont have to straighten and style your hair after drying, as this brush does all the work for you. Thus saving time and energy. I love to use this brush to create a messy, Binky from Made in Chelsea inspired hair style, because a round barrel brush means you can create flicks and loose curls in the hair as well as straight and sleek locks. You can buy these really cheap, I bought mine for £1 from Primark, barging! 

Back comb brush - This is better than a normal comb as it has lots of dense bristles, allowing for more hair to be back combed at the same time. While a normal comb will do the job, a back comb brush just makes life easier. It allows for a tighter back comb, meaning it will stay in place longer. We all know back combing isn't great for the hair, but sometimes we just want big hair, and this brush does that nicely. Again, these combs are cheap, I picked mine up from Primark for £1. 

Nail brush - Now this is something that's considered to be quite out dated, you don't here about many people using these any more, but I find them so useful if I have any stubborn fake tan marks around my nails, both hand and feet. These brushes are great for scrubbing away any hair dye stains on hands as well, or just generally smoothing out the hands and feet. They are so cheap and easy to get hold of and come in handy (see what I did there) for lots of things.  

Back loofah - The back is somewhere that most people find hard to reach, you wash and exfoliate the rest of your body, but what about your back? These things are great, it makes cleaning your back so easy and simple. Perfect if you need to lightly exfoliate before a spray tan, or just on a day to day basis to clean the back spots you cant reach. Such a simple idea that most people forget about. 

There are plenty of beauty tools out there to try, different gadgets for different things, they really do save time and energy. Perfect for someone who wants to be pampered, but doesn't have lots of time to do it. Or someone like me who is just really lazy. 

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