Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Soap and Glory - Sugarcrush Body scrub

This was bought on a whim, I did need a new body scrub, but I didn't plan on buying this one. Body scrubs are something I hate to buy, but love to use. I find that they are expensive for what they are (usually just fancied up sugar), but non the less, I like to have one. This Soap and Glory sugarcrush body scrub retails for £8 and you get 300ml of product, its essentially a sugar scrub with lime, almond oil and macadamia grains, with the famous scent that I can only describe as the smell of coke. Soap and Glory are a mid range price bracket brand. (tongue twister right there) and their packaging is what draws me in every time.

This scrub doesn't leave an oily residue behind after using, so is ideal for using pre fake tanning. It really helps to get the dead layers of skin of, without being to harsh and causing your skin to hurt. Its also great for getting old fake tan off, or using before shaving to help any ingrowing hairs come out.

This is a scrub loved by many people and I can see why, its a no fuss body scrub that can be used both morning or night. It doesn't leave a scent on the skin so wont disrupt any perfume you wear during the day, the non oily formula means you can dry off and get changed straight after your shower, there is no sitting around waiting for the oil to sink in, and the fact the beads aren't extremely scratchy means you can use it a few times in one week. ( the packaging clams up to 4 times.)

This product has made me want to go out and try a lot more Soap and Glory products.

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