Sunday, 20 January 2013

Boots Botanics hot cloth cleansing balm, 97% Organic.

Yet again this is another Boots Botanics organic product that has impressed me. I have a previous post on the Boots Botanics facial oil 100% Organic here

This is a 97% organic cleansing balm that  
contains shea butter, rosehip, beeswax, almond oil and jojoba oil, which are really hydrating and nourishing on the skin, helping to leave your face smooth, soft and moisturised. You use it just like any other cleansing balm, over the top of a full face of make up or on bare skin. It works a dream at removing make up, doesn't sting the eyes and leaves your skin clean and soft. This is a solid balm that melts to an oily consistency once massaged in, which means it lifts make up easily of the face. Its very gentle and even thought I don't have sensitive skin, I can see this being great for someone who does. It is a rich formula which would be great for someone with dry skin also, and comes with a muslin cloth to buff and wipe away make up and dead skin cells. The light exfoliating effect of the muslin cloth means your skin is left looking glowing and radiant, and pores thoroughly unclogged. 

I find high street cleansing balms can be very hit or miss, but you cant really go wrong with this one. The fact it has such a high percentage of organic and natural ingredients means you wont be clogging pores with any nasty chemicals and its safe to remove eye make up with. There are no parabens in it and it was not tested on animals...which is always nice.

If im wearing make up, I tend to double cleanse, first, to remove my make up and second, to cleanse the skin. This balm left my skin unbelievably soft and really hydrated, which is what I need in this weather. Did not cause a break out and really enhanced my over all complexion. 

It costs £7.99 and comes with a muslin cloth. 


  1. Sounds gorgeous, I think I'd need this in my life if I wasn't on a spending ban!
    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. hahah They have loads in their organic range, I really want to try to rose toner, and they are all really affordable. x

  3. i'm going to purchase this and try it out instead of the liz earle x

  4. Iv already bought another one today, Its great at getting make up off. I love it.

  5. I've recently purchased this product & im loving it so far!