Friday, 18 January 2013

Beauty sleep.

Sleeping beauty just got more beautiful! 

Sleep is crucial to looking and feeling good, when your sleeping your body produces extra protein molecules to help repair your body. This helps boost your immune system, de-stress you and of course, repair skin, hair and nails. 

Weight- Sleep helps regulate the hormones that control your appetite. When your sleep deprived, your hormone balance is interrupted and this causes your appetite to increase, which may lead to weight gain and no one really wants that do they.

Skin- when your tired your blood doesn't flow efficiently which may lead to dull looking skin, while your sleeping your body produces growth hormones which can repair the skin and aid collagen production which can keep your skin looking youthful and radiant, and repair damage done by free radicals. Furthermore while your sleeping, your body isn't spending as much time looking after your organs and making sure everything is functioning correctly, which means it has more time to focus on the skin, so any skincare you apply at night will work much more effectively than in the day. 

Eyes- most of us know the effects lack of sleep can have on eyes, they can look puffy and bloodshot with dark circles, your eyes can also look slightly yellow from lack of sleep. A top tip to help reduce these is of course sleeping, but to further reduce puffiness, sleep more on your back than front, with your head elevated so fluid can drain more easily. 

Hair - Like I said earlier, growth hormones are released while you sleep, so naturally your hair grows more while your sleeping. 

The suggested number of hours sleep your meant to get in one night is between 7-9 hours. But if your like my, a really bad sleeper, getting this amount of hours may be hard. Here are a few tips I have picked up over the years that may help you get that much needed and beneficial rest.

  1. Laptops and tvs give off artificial light which can trick your brain into thinking its day time and thus keeping you awake. So the best idea is to turn them off a few hours before bed and switch to something like reading.

  2. I have been trying the Elemis quite mind room mist which is a combination of aromatic oils to calm the mind and help you relax. I find this really does aid a peaceful nights sleep, I also find it helps me to nod off faster which is great. I strongly suggest this for anyone who suffers with sleeping problems. They also have other products in this rang that I'm dying to get my hands on. 

  3. A hot drink before bed can really relax you, a lot of people go for a warm mug of milk which is fine, but you can also try Horlicks which is pretty much like warm milk but with added wheat and malted barley. 

  4. Hot bath/shower before bed is known to aid people in sleep as it can warm you up and put you in a more relaxed mood, especially baths. You can also add essential oils to a bath such as lavender which will really help with sleep.

  5. Noise and light really effect sleep. Much the same as the first point, light keeps you awake. So if you don't already, try and sleep in total darkness. An eye mask might help you with this, and if you live in a noisy house/area you can try ear plugs to block out the sound. 


  1. This is such a good post, you seem to know exactly what you're talking about!
    I have so much trouble with sleeping, especially recently getting back into a school routine!
    Do you know of anywhere you can get the room mist cheaper or an alternative?

    - Michelle x x

  2. You could always just opt for a lavender spray, I know loads of places do that. Try boots, they seem to have everything. I also know the body shop do room mists. But anything lavender scented will help. xx