Sunday, 2 December 2012

November empties

I feel like I need to start of this blog post with the typical 'I cant believe its been a month already', but I can believe it and I'm so happy its Christmas time! anyway, on with the empties.....

Surprise surprise, Iv used up yet another Ultrabland facial cleanser by Lush, I really do love this product, iv used it over and over again, I go through about 1 a month and enjoy every second of it... but when this one ran out I thought Id try something new, just because I wanted to spice up my life a little (I'm cool, I know). So this month iv opted to try the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, I know I'm late on that bandwagon but never mind, keep your eyes peeled for a review on that.

Sticking on the lines of Lush, I also used up the Ro's argan body conditioner, its a rose scented moisturising body mask. I adore this, but its around the £15 mark and I'm a poor student so Its an expensive product to keep re buying. However this body conditioner leaves my skin smelling and feeling great, perfect for the winter months and ideal for anyone who loves the smell of rose.

The next thing I have used up, even scrapped the sides to get the last drop out is the Nutrganics drop of youth by The Body shop. I really liked using this, I felt like it helped my skin to look more glowing and fresh. I'm not sure it made enough difference for me to re-purchase it though. 

Good things five minute facial mask is something I bought a while ago, I'm not a huge fan of it because I feel like its a bit drying, but at least I can now free up a bit of space for a new face mask.

Dove hair therapy was a free sample I had in a magazine, this is another averagely okay product, I wont be buying the full size.

Blistex relief cream is my all time favourite moisturising lip product, I find its the only one that actually relives my sore chapped lips. 

L'occitane is a brand and this hand cream is no different. I'm I defiantly going to buy the full size.  I have a review of this product here

Help me, retonol cream by Philosophy,  cost £38 and for the price I do not think its worth it. For a very long time I used Avene Triacneal which is a whole £14 cheaper and found that it gave me better results than Help me did. I am pretty disappointed by this as I had high hoped. I think ill just stick to Triacneal from now on.

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