Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter essentials - skincare #2

Facial skincare

For most people, winter means dry skin. For me, who has normally oily/combination skin, winter leads to my skin becoming difficult to manage. It become irritated, dry and spotty all at once.

So I feel like the best essentials for winter skin are those that will hydrate and repair skin, such as Cosmetic Lad and Skin drink moisturiser by Lush. Ultrabland is another soothing and heeling product but this is a facial cleanser and I swear by it.

Drop of Youth by the body shop is a facial serum that really helps to make the most out of your skincare routine. It helps to smooth out the skin and make it look glowing. which is great as skin can look dull during winter.

I also added Johnson facial moisturiser to this as its a cheap facial moisturiser that comes in a huge rang of   formulas for different skin types and concerns. 
Body skincare
Body care is often overlooked in winter, people focus more on how their skin looks during summer. I personally feel like my skin needs a lot more maintenance during winter. I'm prone to getting chapped, sore and dry skin from the cold air, which can be painful. 

I like to use Ro's Argan body conditioner on my legs, its designed to be used the same way as a hair conditioner but on your skin. I use it as a shaving cream, which makes my legs feel so soft after use. 

I also use all over my body a body lotion/butter. My favourite are the Body shop ones, but as a poor student I have to just settle for Boots Extract body butters. 

My new found love is Garnier hand cream, its great to pop in your bag and apply through the day. It keeps my hand hydrated and soft during the harsh cold weather of winter. 

Using all this combined I can keep my skin under control. I know many people have the same problems as me and cold air and air con can really dry out skin, so its best to keep the skin hydrated and looking great for the party season. 

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