Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Winter essentials - clothing #1

I'm going to be doing a series of winter essentials posts, first of which will be winter clothing. In this series ill also be doing a post on skin care (face and body), make up, nail vanish and hair care.

So firstly will be boots, I think you need a nice pair of heeled boots, they make you look that extra bit more classy without looking over dressed. I don't recommend super high heeled boots mind. As one, they can make you look rather 'Essex' like, If you know what I mean. And two, if it gets icy, which it will, they can be really dangerous. I have chosen a pair of burgundy boots from New Look, they cost £22 and fit like a dream. Iv had a lot of compliments on these. I feel like boots like this look a lot more expensive than they are .

The next thing I think is a must for winter is a flat pair of boots, preferably water proof ones, as the UK has a lot of rain during the winter months. Again these are from New Look and cost around the £30 mark, these boots I wear all the time, they are so comfy and just at a little edge to an outfit.

 My favourite part of winter fashion is Knit wear, I just love how cosy and warm it makes you. There are so many different ways to incorporate knit wear into an outfit and so many styles to choose from. From the classic Christmas knitted jumper to the slouchy over sized cardies to the plain and simple scarf. You cant really go wrong with knit wear, its sold everywhere and looks great on everyone. 


  1. I love the burgundy boots, New Look are so good for shoes! x

  2. Oh my goshhhh , those burgundy boots!!!! LOVE!!!! <3

  3. They do them in other colours as well!