Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter essentials - festive nails #3

I love festive nail vanish, the glitter and colours, I'm in my element. During Christmas my favourite colours to wear have to be red and gold, but I also think colours such as black and dark purple can look really edgy during the winter season. The Barry M  colours below are some great example of colours that you may not wear any other time of the year, but look fantastic during the party season. The black one to the right (326 magnetic dark silver) is great for someone who doesn't want a really bold 'in your face' colour. Its a sort of metallic black with a bit of shimmer, so its not as harsh as a plain matte black would be. The middle one (161 vivid purple) is a beautiful colour, its a purple with blue and various shades of purple reflex. While the left one (340 aqua glitter) is not your stereotypical Christmas season colour, I think its such a nice colour and it could look amazing with a little black dress. 

The three colours in the picture below are just another three colours that I think will look great with a simple dress and a pop of colour on the nails. The purple on the left hand side is very similar to the purple above, but has slightly more obvious shimmer. While the gold in the middle gives a great natural look on the nails.  

The bottom two O.P.I polishes are from the Sky Fall collection, these colours are the epitome of festive nails, the are highly pigmented and full of glitter. When I think of Christmas nail vanish I think of these two colours. Just wearing these on my nails makes me feel festive. 

You can have lots of creative fun with nail vanish, specially around the festive season. You can mix and match colours as well as having different kinds of nail art. Just pick your colours and let your imagination do the painting.