Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Winter essentials - hair care #4

During the colder months my hair becomes unbelievably dry, between that and all the rain we have my hair can become unmanageable, frizzy and out of control. I have chosen a few life saver products to share.

First of all, I think during winter a good conditioner is needed. I'm loving the urban anti-dotes bed head conditioner. I find due to the fact my hair becomes really dry from the cold air, I need to have a conditioner that will to maximum benefit. I also follow that with a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture. My current favourite is by Umberto Giannini.

In the UK winter equals rain, when it rains my hair becomes really frizzy, so I like to use a serum to try and counter act that. When its warmer I usually let my hair dry naturally and don't do much styling to it at all. But as the months get colder, it becomes far to cold to sit around with wet hair, so I then blow dry it and make sure I use a heat protecting spray to make sure I don't cause to much damage to it. 

I find combining all four of these products my hair looks and feels 10xs better, it becomes more manageable and much more hydrated, shiner and healthier looking. These are my winter hair saviours. 

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