Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mini haul

Being a student I don't really have much money to spend on luxuries but I was feeling a bit down one day and decided I was just going to treat myself to a few things iv wanted for a while.

The first of which was the Real Techniques core brush set, I know I'm really behind with this and everyone and their mother now has these brushes but I kept putting off buying them and to be honest I'm not sure why. I finally caved and purchased the set, and do not regret it.

I also picked up the Une mineral foundation, this is the first ever mineral foundation Iv owned. I do really want to try the Laura Mercier mineral foundation but as I haven't ever tried a mineral foundation before so I thought Id go for one that isn't so expensive just in case I didn't like the finish of it. Une isnt a brand I usually go for so I'm really looking forward to testing this out.

I have really oily eyelids, every eye shadow iv tried (even with a primer) has creased on me after wearing it for a while. I really liked the Revlon colourstay foundation, the longevity of it was a key factor for me. So I thought id try the Revlon colourstay eye shadows as well, in hope that they wont crease on me, or not crease as fast at least. 

The last two things were actually freebies in magazines. The L'occitan hand cream came with mari clare and the Dove hair mask came with cosmopolitan. I don't usually buy magazines but the fact these freebies were in them meant that I couldn't say no.  

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