Monday, 15 October 2012

Toni and Guy reconstruction mask.

 I recently drastically changed my hair colour, I decided to go bright blonde which involves bleaching the hair (and we all know that is not good at all). I then decided a week later that I hated it and re-dyed my hair a darker shade of blonde, this obviously isn't recommended as bleach seriously damages hair and then dying over it days later just causes even more damage. So when I decided I was going to dye my hair for the second time in a week I thought I needed something that will prevent my hair from becoming to damaged. This Toni and Guy hair mask was ideal, its not to expensive at £7 and its really easy to get hold of if I wanted to buy more, as toni and guy is stocked at Boots, Superdrug and various other high street stores as well as online. 

I use this mask twice a week, some times leaving it on for a few hours and other times just leaving it on while I shower. I coat the ends of my hair and let is soak in. I find this mask works well at moisturising and hydrating, my hair is naturally dry, so bleaching it just made it 10xs worse and this mask helped to add back the lost moister. I found when using this mask my hair actually felt soft, it helped to prevent breakage and split ends as well as making the over all condition of my hair look really good. I really feel like this mask helped save my hair from what could have been a potentially a very bad situation. Its affordable and lasted me roughly 2 months. I would say this is a very good inexpensive product and im really glad I tried it. 

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