Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Revlon colorstay quad- Brazen

I highly rate Revlon products, especially there lipsticks. I however had never tried any of there eye shadows before and thought id have a dabble.

 Eye shadow sets, like this quad, are great ways to try a few shades out all at once, I'm not much of an adventurous person when it comes to eye shadows, I usually just stay in the natural zone. This quad is perfect for someone like me, it has a dark shade which is ideal for crease work or lower lash line, and it has lighter shades for highlighting. Eye shadows tend to crease like crazy one me, but this Revlon colour stay quad is pretty resilient to creasing, they also claim to stay put for 16 hour but I wouldn't know that, as I have never worn make up for 16 hours straight haha. The pay off is over all good, however the yellow colour can be not so pigmented. But for me that isn't to much of an issue, as the dark brown has great pay off, which I think is more important. Each shadow in this set has a shimmer finish, which I usually avoid, but these colours have just the right amount of shimmer, not to much that you end up looking like a disco ball and not enough to have fall out all over your face when your using them. 

Over all this is a lovely eye shadow set, ideal for the party season which will soon be here and great as a Christmas present or stocking filler. There are also a wide variety of different colours in this colour stay quad range, so there is something to please most people. 

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