Friday, 31 August 2012

Products iv used up

August is almost over now, so that only means one thing, monthly empties blog post time. I haven't used up that much this month, I have a lot of almost empty products though, so I have a feeling next months blog post is going to have quite a lot of products in it. 

The first three things are all from the body shop. 

Rainforst moister shampoo - This was a free sample I received with a purchase I made online, It was nice and smelled really good. I'm not sure id bother to buy a full size one though. 

Chocomania body lotion- Iv done a full review of this here, I love it, it smells so good. I defiantly want to try some more in this line. 

Cocoa butter body wash- I didn't really like this, It didn't smell very nice and the bottle was so hard that I couldn't squeeze the product out. For the price I don't think its worth it, I wouldn't buy this again.

Tea tree water by Lush - I did enjoy this, but found that it could be a little over drying if I didn't have any active break outs or a bout of greasy skin. I do really like the toner waters but I think id only use this one during times when I have very spotty skin. 

Lush volcano foot mask - Iv already done a full review here, I do like this product but I want to try some more of their body masks and foot lotions and potions before going back to buy this again. That doesn't mean I wont buy this again as I would, but id like to try some more stuff first.  

St tropez gradual tanner - I loved this, the colour was great, the application was great, the smell was even good. But the only thing I didn't like was the fact this ran out so fast. I didn't even use it every day, but it seemed to just go so fast. Iv blogged about this already here. I do really like it but it went so fast, and its not 
like its a cheap product either. 

Avene TriAcneal- I have used this for the past year and loved it, I still do. But iv found a new retinol cream that I'm testing out, so for the time being I wont be re purchasing, but that's not to say I wont come back to this. 

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