Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lush - BB Seaweed face mask

I really like Lush face masks, they have a good range of masks for different skin types and concerns as well as being made from all natural ingredients. The down side of this however is that one, they have to be kept in the fridge which can be a bit annoying and two, they expire and go bad after about 4 weeks, which for me if not that big of a deal as I use them up in that time anyway, but I know some people say they end up throwing theirs away as its gone off. 

The Lush face masks cost just over £5 each and you get about 8 applications out of each pot (giver or take, depending on the face mask and its consistency). Lush also have a system in place where if you bring back 5 empty black Lush pots you can get a free face mask, which is what I do quite a lot. 

BB seaweed is a face mask designed to help sooth the skin, they recommend it to men who may suffer with razor burn on their face as it calms and heels the skin, as well as reducing redness. The mask is not exclusively for men, women can us it just the same. It contains honey, seaweed and aloe vera, which are all excellent ingredients that really help to heel and calm irritation. It also contains rose which we all know is a great skin care ingredient and the sole reason I bought this face mask, as my skin really likes rose. Its a great thing to have in skin care as its perfect for reducing redness in the skin, weather it be acne, sun burn, razor rash or just general redness. This is also good for sensitive skin types as there isn't any harsh chemicals or ingredients in it that may sing or irritate the skin. This mask gives a light exfoliation when washing it off, leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and soothed. 

Ideal for anyone who may have problematic or sensitive/irritated skin. 

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