Thursday, 30 August 2012

Monthly favourites

I think I say this every month, but I cant believe its been a month already. I'm off back to university next weekend after having a 5 month summer holiday, it only feels like a week ago that I was coming home from university for the summer.... crazy, anyway that's not the point of this blog post lol.

I have quite a few favourites this month, mainly because I went on a crazy spending spree this last couple months and have accumulated a lot of new things that I just seem to love. There is a lot more stuff that I have got that I love and old products that I still love, but I think the blog post would be to long if I added everything.
As some of you may (or may not) know, iv dyed my hair a lot lighter than It naturally is, I had it done professionally and I think they used bleach on it. Now my hair is pretty dry and doesn't feel very nice, so I bought a new leave-in conditioner by Umberto Giannini, iv already done a review on it here, I love it.

You might be thinking 'what the hell is that red thing', well its a shampoo bar by Lush called 'New' and its designed to help promote hair growth, I bought it on a whim after hearing the lady at Lush trying to sell it to another women. It smells sort of like spices and lathers really well. A full review on this will be soon, but I am  really enjoying using it.

The body shop coconut body mist is great, I have had a lot of people asking me what perfume I'm wearing when Iv used this, including my step dad and men don't even pay attention to things like that so it says a lot. Even the women in the post office stopped me and asked me about it haha Its such a nice smell and seems to last a long time considering its a body mist.

If you follow me on twitter, or just read my blog a lot, you might have seen the influx of Lush posts and mentions about Lush products. I must have spend at least a million pound at Lush this last few months... ok maybe not a million but I did spend a lot.

Ro's argan body conditioner is the first ever product of this sort that Iv used. It smells amazing, Im not usually a fan of rose but this smells so good I could just eat it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling great.

Cosmetic lad is a facial moisturiser, I realise im not a 'lad' but the lady at Lush said it was ideal for my skin type (combination, irritated and occasional spots), it smells nice, as do most of the Lush products and it leaves my face feeling so hydrated and plump.

Eau roma water is a toner, yet again by Lush, (your all fed up of Lush now arnt you?) Its a very simple toner only consisting of rose and lavender water but it really helps to calm any irritated spots, or redness on my face.

Help me is a retinol cream by Philosophy, the women who works for them that I spoke to told me this product contains the highest legal amount of retinol thats aloud in the uk, It is meant to work wonders on the skin and is great for people with acne, scaring and redness. I love this so much, retinol creams are fantastic.

The little kabuki brush is by Eco tools, its one of the softest brushes iv ever felt and is ideal for carrying in your make up bag.

This Barry m nail paint iv already reviewed here, its such a good glittery colour and inexpensive.

The lipstick and the gloss are both from No7, Iv talked about them both already here, they are lovely and high quality. I'm so glad I bought both of these.

And finally the last thing is the lip pencil in 063 eastend snob by Rimmel, this lip liner and the pink lip gloss above is such a pretty combination.

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