Sunday, 19 August 2012

O.P.I gel nails

So I recently went to my local salon, where I had the O.P.I gel nails done, I chose the shade Pink flamenco and it cost me £15. Before I went I didn't fully know what the procedure was to get these nails done, I talked through what I wanted with the nail technician who then started her magic. 

How its done
The first step is to buff and shape your nails in whatever shape you want them to be, as mine were all different lengths I asked for them to all be filed down so they were looking more like they were the same length.

The a base coat is applied to your nails, you then put your hand under a UV light for 30 seconds to dry the base coat. Some people may experience discomfort with this light, it can cause your nails to feel very hot, and for some people this pain may be to much. It all depends on how sensitive your hands are, the women also told me its to do with hormones. I felt a slight pain that lasted for literally seconds so I didn't mind. I don't want to put people off, but I think people should know this before having it done.

Then your chosen colour is applied, you return your hand to the light and once dry a second coat is applied, and the same process is used with the base coat and the layers of colour.

The top coat is then put on every nail and you put your hand under the light for the last time for another 30 seconds. All in all this process took around 30 minutes.

Once the colour was done the lady applied a shine cream to my nails and pulled off any polish that might have got on the skin (that didn't hurt at all, in case people were thinking it sounds painful)

My thoughts
These gel nails are meant to last for about 3 weeks with no chips, there is also a large range of colours available depending on where you go.

As for damage done to your nails, I was told that this is no where near as damaging as acrylic nails, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Ill keep you all updated with what happens, if it chips/peals, or if it damages my nails once removed. 

Before (ugly I know)


  1. Hello, just discovered your blog! £15 is a brilliant deal, I paid £25 for gel nails.

  2. Its a new salon by me, so I think they have low prices just to get people coming to it. xx