Friday, 17 August 2012

Lush time....again

So I popped into Lush again, for the millionth time this month. I wanted to buy some new bath products after seeing Louise from sprinkle of glitter youtube video about her favourite Lush products. It actually inspired me to try some new products that I wouldn't normally go for, and Its safe to say, I'm so glad I did. 

First I picked up sunnyside which is a glittery gold bubble bar, this was purely due to Louise's' recommendation, I usually go for sweet smells but this one is more lemony and citrus. It turns your bath water gold and glittery, which some people might hate, I thought I would hate it but I actually really liked it. Its a fun bubble bar to add to what may be a very boring bath. 

I then bough space girl because I heard that it smelt like the sweets parma violets, I went into Lush and smelt it and to my surprise it smelt exactly like them. I avoided this bath bomb before I new it smelt so good because it seemed pretty childish and just didn't appeal to me at all. But as soon as I smelt it I was sold, it turns your bath water a beautiful lilac colour, it has a small amount of glitter and popping candy in it! What more could you possibly want from a bath bomb. 

 Rose jam bubble bar is in the shape of a macaroon and a bright pink colour, Its something Iv always wanted to love but was never really keen on the smell. I bought it anyway and its now become one of my favourite bubble bars. I use it in conjunction with my space girl bath bomb and it gives of the most amazing smell. I'm not a massive fan of rose, but this bubble bar is a sweet rose smell, Id expect this to smell just like rose jam really haha I really love the smell of it once in the bath, I just cant get enough.

I have a lot more Lush products to review but I think ill leave it there for that blog post or my blog will just be to full of Lush products. 

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