Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lush - Volcano foot mask

Lush Is a brand iv always had a lot of love for, their ethos is amazing, their staff are always friendly, their stores are quirky and their products are always good quality. I have yet to buy a product from Lush that I didn't like, they are always coming out with new and improved products, they even do a make up line now. I didn't think Lush could get any better, but I guess I was wrong....

Volcano is a foot mask designed for dry, sore or cracked feet (horrible thought I know). It has 'Kaolin which cleans and repairs. Pumice which helps you to rub away dead skin. Papaya that has an enzyme that digests dead skin and loosens it for removal. Tomatoes that are deodorising and cooling. Menthol, lemon and cinnamon that stimulate circulation and give a very cool feel to the skin's surface'. Its an all round treat for your feet that helps to sooth and soften beaten and warn out feet.

The Lush website gives advice on how to maintain your feet and keep them looking lovely, it says: 

'The average person walks approximately 4 miles per day; enduring the force of several hundred tons, and with 25% of our bodies bones in our feet they bear the brunt of much abuse whether we know it or not.
Summer is just a wake up call; it's time to take care of your feet.

To keep your feet in good repair throughout the year- soak, exfoliate, moisturise and massage as often as possible. If you find life is too busy for all of these steps, at the very least take off your shoes and socks and put your feet up.'

I thought this was a great idea that they give you tips and tricks on keeping your feet in tip top condition. It is perfect for the summer months when your feet are on display more, in sandals and flip flops.

The smell of this product will be a hit and miss smell for some people, but personally I love the smell so much, I'm not even sure what the smell is, its sort of spicy and minty? who knows, but I do like it. If you can ignore that, its such a good product. You apply it in a thick coat to your feet, then wrap them in 'plastic', so I just use either cling film or plastic bags. Then sit about for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how long you have and how long you can be bothered to sit about for. You then wet your feet and rub the product in, which exfoliates them and really massages the product in. Then rinse it off to reveal your beautiful new feet. I then like to follow that by rubbing a thick body butter into my feet and letting it really soak in. 

This is a product Id never really thought of using before, a foot mask seemed such a weird idea to me. But I finally bought it and will never look back. It leaves my feet feeling so clean, soft and refreshed. You can really feel the mask cooling and soothing, when you dampen it to exfoliate, the crystals are not to hard and scratchy which can be uncomfortable. It gives a wonderful exfoliation and really does magic to your feet...... I think I'm in love with a foot mask...

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