Thursday, 9 August 2012

Boots Extracts cocoa butter body scrub

I originally picked up the mango version of this purely because It smelt exactly like The body shop mango body butter and scrub. It costs half the price of The body shops scrubs and I find it to be so much better. After getting my first ever tub home I realised it contained fair trade ingredients sourced in the Dominican republic, as well as organic cocoa butter. I was sold from then on.

This body scrub has just the right amount of 'scrubby beads' (probably not the technical term for it but never mind) so It isn't to harsh, causing irritation, but its scrubby enough to give you a really nice exfoliation. The thing I love the most about this sugar scrub is that after you wash it off your left with a oil residue on your skin that last long enough to really moisturiser the skin. Which is exactly what you need after exfoliation. It does such a great job at removing dead skin, and revealing bright glowing skin. 

Its 400ml for £7.95 compared with the 200ml of The body shop scrubs for £12. Its not only good for you pocket and skin, its good for the economy and helping those in developing countries. I really do love this brand, the smell of their products are also fantastic, I love the mango, vanilla, cocoa butter and Brazil nut products. They smell so good I just want to eat them.  

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