Saturday, 25 August 2012

Eco tools 5 piece eye brush set

 I have been tempted to buy new make up brushes for such a long time, but good quality ones can be very expensive and on a student budget its not something I can easily afford. I already own a Ecotools foundation brush (iv done a review on it but its so old that I can bare to link it here :P ) which I love, so while I was searching the Internet, I came across this brush set. They are 5 mini eye brushes and the fact they are mini doesn't bother me at all, in fact I prefer them to be smaller as I can control them better, store them easier and travel with them. They come in a travel roll that has a mirror which is ideal for travelling as it keeps them tidy and clean. 

The 5 brushes are label with what they 'should' be used for eg highlight, smudge brush and so on. But I use them in what ever way I want, you don't have to only us it the way the brush is label. I find them to be very soft, but if I were to nit pick id say the slanted large brush (second in from the left) can be a little bit scratchy, not really that much at all though. They are all made with synthetic hairs and cruelty free. Eco tools is a very environmentally friendly brand which is excellent, they are easy to clean and they don't seem to shed any hairs.  

They are very affordable and good quality, they apply and blend eye shadow lovely, they are also soft which means no irritation on the eyes.  

This brush set can be bought from Boots and Amazon for roughly £7 (price varies on Amazon) 

Lovely jubbly brush set

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