Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bath time! My new Lush loves.

So I went into Lush the other day purely because my shower broke and I was looking for some bath products as I didn't have any. I usually hate having a bath and the idea of it creeps me out, I'm not sure why It just does ( I guess I'm just weird) . But I didn't really have a choice, it was either bath or smell, so I chose bath haha.
One of the sale assistance came up to me and asked if I needed any help, I told her the situation and she asked me what scents I like. She then went around the store picking products that she thought Id like, she actually got it spot on because I loved them all. I then had to narrow it down to about 3 products because I'm not a millionaire and couldn't afford to buy to many, and In Lush I do tend to get carried away and end up buying the whole store when all I originally go in for is one bar of soap.

So first off I purchased 'Happy blooming'. 

This is a bath melt which is, for those who don't know, something you add to hot water that melts and adds lot of oils and other good stuff to the water, that moisturise your skin while you sit back and relax. This one smells like cherry pie, its sooooo nice I could actually take a bite out of it. Once I bought it I sat in my room for far to long just sniffing this bar....strange I know, but it just smells so good. It contains almond oil, cocoa butter and ylang yland oil so its very moisturising and really does help to soften the skin while you take a nice long bath. This bar is already cut into three seconds, you just break one off and either add it to running water or place it in the already filled bath for the most luxurious bath you have ever had, Trust me!

Happy blooming turns your bath water pink!
 The next thing I bought was 'The comforter' which is a bubble bar. As the name suggests it gives your bath bubbles, but not just any bubbles. The most amazingly soft bubbles I have ever felt.  This bubble bar smells like sweet blackcurrant, and works perfectly with Happy blooming bath melt. Together they make the most vibrant pink colour in your bath water, which makes having a bath all that more fun. This bar costs £4.25 and lasts about 3/4 baths, depending on how bubbly you like your bath to be.

The last thing I bought, I was pretty much talked into by the sales assistant. She told me this bath bomb was like having a party in your bath, which to me sounds great. 'Dragon egg' looks like such a boring, plain old bath bomb. Its just big, white, not very exiting and not that appealing to the eye...right? WRONG. This bath bomb changes colour three times in the bath, eventually leaving the water bright orange. It smells very fresh and citrusy and is ideal for those groggy mornings or a pick me up after a long day.  Not only that, the centre of this bath bomb has glitter! Its a beautiful glitter that looks like liquid gold (see photo below). So this bath bomb went from being plain and boring to being the best bath bomb I have ever used. If your someone like me, who isn't a huge fan of baths, this bath bomb is ideal. It turns the most boring of baths into something so great that you wont even want to get out of the bath. 

These three bath products have actually made me a bath convert. I really did enjoy taking a bath and I'm actually going back to Lush in 2 days (making it the 3rd time iv been in 2 weeks). Just so you know, my shower was fixed days ago and I'm still taking baths!!!!.

I forgot how much I loved Lush products, well not just the products, Lush as a whole. The stores are always nice, the staff are great and there ethos is fantastic. Everyone needs to get on board the Lush train with me! 

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  1. A glittery colour changing bath, count me in!! I adore bubble baths and these sounds great and so scrummy! Thanks for sharing these sound great! XxxX