Friday, 10 August 2012

Bits and bobs

Iv only tried one long wear lipstick before and it was by maybelline and I hated it, it put me off long wear lipsticks for years. This colour however was to pretty for me to say no to, though I was sceptical when buying it, because my last experience with a long wear lipstick wasn't great and they arn't that cheap to just keep buying and hating. This one which is 010 Whisper by maxfactor is such a beautiful colour. I really do love it, but I found that it can wear off in places and not in others. So I'm left with a patchy lipstick that wont come of because its super long wearing haha. I'm not sure if its because I'm doing something wrong, because my lips are dry and cause the lipstick to flake, or if its just the lipstick (if anyone knows, please help me!) I really wish It didn't do that because its so nice and if it didn't flake off, it would be the most ideal lipstick for me. 

I never really thought I needed a tanning mitt, I thought using gloves was perfectly fine and did the job, how wrong I was. Since using this my tan has looked far more even, natural and just generally better. It allows for  the tan to be applied smoothly and consistently all over without leaving you with orange hands. I find the tell tail sign of fake tan is around the wrist and foot area, but a tanning mitt blends the tan in so well that its seamless. I really should have listened to my friends when they told me I should buy a tanning mitt because they work so much better. Iv defiantly learnt my lesson. 

I was going out to meet my friends, when I realised that I forgot to paint my nails and they weren't looking to nice. I popped into a local drugstore and picked up this Rimmel 60 second nail polish in 620 'How do you Lilac' I a huge fan of Rimmel 60 second nail polish as the applicator is one of those brushes that fit your nail, making is incredibly easy to do your nails and super fast. It dries quick so its really easy to do when in a rush, or in my case on a train. I have done a few reviews on these nail polish before here and here, both reviews fairly old but they explain my love for this brand in greater depth. 

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  1. Maybe try moisturising your lips first by putting Carmex, Vasleine or whatever you have on them first about 5 minutes before you put the lipstick on if you can. This colour is gorgeous, I love it! Lovely nail colour too! XxxX