Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Body Shop - Unboxing

Today I received my order from The Body Shop and im so exited to use them all. I bought a chocomania body lotion, which can not be more ideal for me right now, as the sun has come out in the UK which means, lots of sun protection/exposure that causes me skin to dry out. So i'm really looking forward to using this tonight before bed. I then bought a coconut body mist which is under the 'New' section on The Body Shop website. While I was browsing online I realised they were doing a promotion that If you spent over £25 you got £10 off. So I then decided to buy their new 'drops of youth' serum to try. Unfortunately their promotion has ended now but they are doing half price body butters which is also great! They are also doing a promotion that if you spend over £5 you get a free 60ml shampoo of your choice, so I chose the rainforest moisture shampoo for dry hair. All in all i'm really happy with my order, The Body Shop do great discounts and promotions, I also had free shipping and it arrived within around 2 days of my order. Ill keep you all posted and Ill defiantly be doing a review. 

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