Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hi guys, so I know its been a while since iv blogged but I had a laptop issue. Basically It over heated and broke then It had to be sent away to be repaired and all that jazz. Anyway I'm going to kick things of with an empties blog.

So first of all I used up the catastrophe cosmetics face mask by Lush, I really enjoyed this. I had it for free with their whole 'bring back five clean pots and get a free face mask' deal that they have, which makes it even better! Its ideal for my skin, especially during times when I have break outs. Iv done a full review of this face mask here

The next thing I finished was my figs and rouge lip balm that I had in one of my glossy boxs'. I actually loved this, it really did nourish my lips, unlike vasaline and those types of lip treatments that just, coat the lips and don't do much else. It has a great smell and texture and left my lips feeling so soft. I really am going to buy some more of these, they have so many different scents and flavors, I'm spoiled for choice. Review here of my figs and rouge balm.

This month I have really gotten into body lotions and I managed to use up a whole bottle of Palmer's cocoa butter lotion. This product I sort of like, iv tried better, but its not a bad product at all. For the money its well worth it but Id say I love the body shops body butter far more. And again I have a full review right here

Iv gone through two shampoos, I liked the Trever Sorbie shampoo much more than the L'oreal one. Purely because I felt like it was doing a lot more for my hair, so naturally I will enjoy that one more. Its slightly more pricey but none the less, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. In fact iv just bought the shampoo and the conditioner in a full size bottle and a full review of the condition will be on its way. Until them you can read my L'oreal review here and my Trever sorbie review here 

I then finally finished a collection 2000 or just collection as its now known mascara that Iv had for what seems like years. This I loved and I'm pretty sure dried up a long, long time ago but I kept it just for the brush as it seemed to really separate and enhance my lashes. Its also pretty cheap and easy so get hold of, so an all round great mascara. As well at the mascara I also used up a collection 'extreme 24 hour felt tip liner' which I cant say I loved, the pigmentation wasn't so great and it was hard to get a strong line. 

I had a sample of zoom lash mascara by MAC that I also used up. I know this might be a bit controversial but I really didn't like it that much. I didn't do much for my lashes at all.  

Then the final thing I used up, isn't very exiting at all but never mind. Its the Garnier Mineral deodorant. I has become my favourite deodorant of all time and I keep rebuying it ever time I run out. I don't know what it is about it that I love, it just seems to work so well for me. 

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