Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ebay blush pallet

So I bought a blush pallet of ebay here for £3.89! I was very sceptical but thought It was worth a shot anyway, and for £3.89 even if it turned out to be the worst thing ever, its not much of a loss.

I was dying to swatch this pallet but wanted to take photos for this post first and as it was night, I had to wait until morning to get a good photo and then swatch. I was so exited by morning to see what the blushes would swatch like, I expected them to not be very pigmented at all but, as you can see from the photo above, I was very wrong. They have great colour pay off for the most part, especially the bright orange. There are some pearly, shimmer shades that look gorgeous as well as some matte shades. The only problem I find with this pallet is that the blushes can be a little powdery when dipping your brush in them, but they apply on the face nice and don't make your face look cakey. 

This pallet is ideal for someone who wants to try out what sort of blushes suit their face or want to just try out lots of beautiful shades without having to spend a fortune on loads of blushes. It would be great for someone starting a make up kit or for someone who just wants some more variety in the blush department like me. I could also see this working well for people with darker skin tones as the pigmentation is good, but people with fair skin could also use this with a light hand. 

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