Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The body shop Rainforest moisture shampoo

I order a load of stuff of the body shop website the other day and blogged about it here, that blog post explains more about the deal I received and this sample shampoo.

Rainforest moisture shampoo is designed to clean your hair and restore moisture without weighing your hair down and making it look flat. But leaving it shiny, healthy looking and nourished. It contains pracaxi oil, maketti nut oil and community trade honey and sugar which allows for the ultimate amount of moisture to be put back into your hair when you wash it. Its also silicone free so it doesn't just coat your hair making it feel soft, it actually put moisture into the hair itself, its paraben free and has no colourants, making it a more natural shampoo that doesn't have lots of chemicals in it that can cause your hair to dry out.  

I really like this shampoo, its the first one iv ever tried from The body shop and I really do rate it. As I have naturally curly hair, it is very dry and this shampoo really helps. Its doesn't weight my curls down like a lot of moisturising shampoos can and It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft.

Its £6 for 400ml, £4 250ml and £2 for 60ml so there is a good amount of choice with the size of bottles, if you want to just test this for yourself you can buy the 60ml bottle and not have to worry about wasting money if you decide you didn't like it. 

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