Thursday, 7 June 2012

Palmers Cocoa butter formula.

I never really though Palmers was a brand aim at someone like me, I thought its target audience was pregnant women as they have a huge range of products for pregnant women and babies, so I was surprised to see they also have products designed for tanning, for men, hair, face and lips. I had read quite a few reviews on Palmers cocoa butter moisturiser and people seemed to love it so I thought 'why not, lets give it a go myself'

It has vitamin E and cocoa butter to help nourish dry skin, it states it will improve and smooth marks, stretch marks and scars. As far as that goes I cant really say if I does that or not as I don't really have any stretch marks or scares.

It claims to be an 'excellent after tanning butter' which is why I actually bought this, there was a period of really hot, sunny weather in the UK and I found myself sitting in the sun all day which caused my skin to become dry and as my preference is thicker body butters rather than lotions (as I like to apply them at night and wash them off in the morning) I thought this might be a great effective product to use. Its cheap at around £5 for 400ml, It has a pump which makes it hygienic and less messy and Its thick enough to moisturise well, but It also dry fairly fast for a butter style moisturiser so you don't have to sit about feeling tacky waiting for it to soak in. I have read many reviews on this where people have said they think this product smells like chocolate, I sort of agree to an extent, the initial smell is quite sweet but then it goes away almost straight away.  For those who don't like fragrant products/are sensitive to them, they do this in a sensitive version which I have also used before, that doesn't smell of much at all but works exactly the same.

This is a simple but effective moisturiser It does the job well. Its a no fuss product, with plain packaging but don't let that fool you, It has a great consistency, It leaves the skin feeling soft and even after shaving my legs some moisturisers can leave my legs stinging but this product doesn't irritate me at all. I could imagine why this would work so well for pregnant women, but you don't have to be pregnant to see the benefits from this product. I recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, easily accessibly (sold in boots, superdrug and most major supermarkets) but effective moisturiser. 

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