Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rimmel summer nails

Rimmel London nail Polish is a brand I really like especially during the summer, they have a very wide range of colours and finishes from pastels, crackle effect to French manicure, but my favourite is the 60 second line as they dry very fast, I don't like sitting around waiting for my nails to dry so this type is perfect. Rimmel's nail polish ranges from £2.49 to £4.59 depending of the different finishes . The 60 second polish all have '1 second' brush applicator which fits the nail and is flat so the application is very simple, easy and fast. It allows for a even coat to be applied to the nail which also helps with the drying time as well as the finish so it doesn't look streaky. The only negative I find with these are that they dry out fairly quick, but they are really cheap so there isn't a lot of money waisted when they do. They are also very easily accessible sold at the likes of boots, superdrug, major super market and even  now at Primark. 

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