Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May favourites

This month I don't really have that many favourites mainly because Iv just finishes university for the summer and all my money has gone on trying to pay of all my debts from there so I haven't really bought any new products recently, so iv sort of found myself reaching for old favourites and trying to just use up what I have before I buy new products.

Nivea sun lotion/after sun 
The sun has decided to grace the UK with its presence so iv been reaching for these so much, I'm very pale skinned so burn easy, I cant go out in the sun without protection on because ill burn. Sometimes though I forget little bits of my skin i.e  top of my ears or feet so I end up burning and the Nivea after sun has saved my skin from horrible sun burn.

Simple sun sensitive protection 

This is spf 50, as I use a retonol I need a high protection sun screen, not only that the sun ages your skin so spf 50 helps fight against that. It is oil free which is great for my skin as I have combination skin that becomes more oily in the sun, it also claimed to be photo stable but I haven't tried that out yet. The great thing about all simple products are that they are gentle on the skin which is perfect when being in the sun. 

Simple hydrating light moisturiser
This is no ground breaking product but I do find it keeps my skin soft and hydrated without being to heavy and greasy, it has no added perfumes, colours and all that jazz and its very cheap and easy to get hold of. Its an all round good product specially for those on a tighter budget. 

No7 Intelligent colour foundation
This is a very light/sheer foundation that has a skin adapting colour match technology. I have the lightest shade that at first seemed really really to dark but the women at the No7 counter assured me it would be fine and she was right, as its very sheer so even if the colour was still to dark for you it wouldn't be noticeable. This feels great on my skin, it doesn't feel heavy and cakey, in fact it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation at all which makes this perfect for the summer and hot days when you don't want to over load your face with make up. It blends super easy and feels soft on the skin. 

Figs and rouge balm
Iv mentioned this in my April Glossybox here, Its a 100% organic multi purpose balm that I use on my lips and any dry patched like my elbows, as its summer I'm trying to get my skin into tip top condition and this really helps.

Caudalie beauty elixir

Iv also done a separate blog post on this here so I wont go into to much detail about it, but I do love it, its really helped my skin out and calms me when I'm getting to stressed. This is truly a life saver. 

MUA heaven and earth pallet
This is a 12 eye shadow pallet containing all shimmery natural shadows, for the price (which is around £4) you cant go wrong, they are smooth and blend well, with a good primer they last all day and the pigmentation is excellent. Totally worth buying and for the price you cant go wrong. 

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