Friday, 25 May 2012

My summer essentials

Sun protection and after sun
Sun protection is key during the summer, the sun can cause serious damage so you really need to protect your skin from it, which I'm sure you all know anyway. I also need after sun because I sometimes forget to put sun protection on places for example today I burnt the tops of my ears..... -.-  Typical me. I also go for a very high factor on my face as I use retinol, so your face gets burnt easier.

If I spend a lot of time in the sun my skin becomes really dry, even though my sun protection says '24 hour moister' it feels really dehydrate after a day out in the beautiful sun. So I choose a rich moisturiser to apply before bed and let it sit all night so I wake up with really soft skin. 

Nail vanish
I like something nice and bright and preferably pink. I also love pastel colours but have yet to buy any this summer and the ones I do have, dried up a while ago :(

Face powder
I have oily skin, so a face powder is a must to stop me looking like a disco ball when out in the sun.

I love the look of tanned and highlighted skin in the summer, I think highlighters can make you look very glowing and summery.

Face sprays/mists
These are a great way to freshen up a horrible sweaty face the caudalie beauty elixir is great for this or you could matt down a oily face which the Lush tea tree water.

Deodorant/body spray
This is a obvious one, no one wants to be a sweaty betty in the sun and all smelly, I love the Garnier mineral deodorant it smells great and works really well. I also carry a body spray around with me to freshen myself up during the day.

I also like to carry a hair band around with me so I can put my hair up of my neck when its to hot.
I try and wear as little make up as possible because it just melts of my face if its to heavy.

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