Thursday, 3 May 2012

My April favourites

Bourjois healthy mix foundation 
I really like this foundation, a full review will be on its way soon! 

Lush Dream cream 
Such a smooth, light moisturiser and great for those who have eczema. Also featured in Essiebuttons  monthly favourites.

Batiste dry shampoo in blush
saves you from having to wash your hair so often, and also smells nice.

Lush tea tree water
Good for those bad skin days!

Panoxyl 2.5
You have probably heard many people who have spots talk about this, its a good treatment that helps to dry out any horrible spots. 


  1. although i have a deep and obsessive love for Lush products, i think their toners are huge ripoff. i found out that the tea tree toner is basically purified water and some tea tree oil, which you can buy at any drugstore for like $3. oofda :(
    but anyway, you have a really lovely blog! i've been scrolling through all of your posts :)


  2. Yeh I agree, I love to use mine after the gym but I dont think ill buy a new one when this one runes out. x