Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The battle of the lip balms!

Vaseline (original)
So ill kick things off with the classic Vaseline, I think everyone has used this at some point in there life. I find it so pointless though, it coats my lips in petroleum and that's about it, no moisture is added at all. As soon as the layer has rubbed off my lips feel the exact same as before. Its cheap yes, but I think its a waist of money really. 
Figs and rouge (peppermint and tea tree)
 Figs and rouge (cost about £3/4) are an 100% organic balm that can be used on your lips, face and body. This one I find amazing, it makes my lips soft and moisturised, smells great and applies clear. It has a odd sort of constancy (not once on lips, just in the tin) but I actually find it pretty fun to use. It has helped my lips so much and i'm really grateful! 

The little green tin (Aloe vera)
So this is 'the little green tin', to me this is just a superdrug brand of Vaseline, my thoughts on this are exactly the same as Vaseline. expect thins one smells better, slightly more fruity. Overall not my cup of tea, but if you don't really suffer from that dry of lips it may work for you. 
Burts bees lip balm (honey)
This stick balm is great, the thing with balms in a stick form is that you don't get balm all over your hands which can get messy and gross. This one has honey in so helps to heal any horrible chapped lips as well as leaving them smooth. It cost around £3 and I feel its well worth it. Its also a 100% natural, bees wax based product so none of that nasty petroleum. 
Carmex (cherry)
Last and by no means least, the famous carmex. The cherry one smells SOOOO good, it reminds me of cherry sweets mmmm. The application is quick and easy and the fact it has SPF 15 in it makes this product even better. Its great to just pop in your bag when on the go, with no fuss and no mess, perfect. 


  1. I really like carmex, but im starting to fall in love with figs and rouge!