Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 'Dream cream'

 Lush is one of my all time favourite brands, I tried Lush for the first time about, id say 5 years ago. It was Christmas time and my auntie had bought me a Lush Christmas gift set that contained some amazing products.  At the time I thought this was the best present ever! since that Christmas iv been hooked to Lush, I haven't yet bought one product I'm disappointed with and dream cream is no exception. This pot I actually stole of my mum... shhhh! :P. I specifically love this product because I suffer with eczema on my chest and any thick moisturiser I us on my chest to counteract the dryness causes me to get spots there, but this cream does no such thing! This lotion was recommended to my mum buy the sales assistant at Lush as my mum also suffers with eczema on her hands. It contains oat milk, rose water and chamomile which are all great for soothing your skin. Its a perfect bland of rich moisturising properties that don't clog your pores.

The consistency is light to medium, it has a strange smell but I actually like it. Its sort of herbal and I find if I apply it at night the smell helps me sleep better, I'm not sure if its a placebo or if all the oils in it actually help me sleep but either way I'm not complaining!

It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated and its not to heavy to wear in the day if you want to, which in my eyes makes it a perfect  body moisturiser.

The natural ingredients of Lush products and their ethos makes me feel less guilty when I spend silly amounts of money there on things I don't really need. Also I love the fact lush have the 'bring back 5 clean Lush pots and get a free face mask' Such a great idea, another great product Lush.

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  1. wow! the products are really nice and the pics are really interesting <3