Friday, 27 April 2012

Boots No7 Beautiful skin foaming cleanser

No7 has come out with a new skin care range aimed at oily skin, they also have a new dry and combination line as well. But this specific product is for normal/oily skin.
Like all No7 skincare its hypo-allergenic which is good for those who may have sensitive skin.
It comes in 150ml bottle and cost roughly £10.

This product has a slight green tint in the bottle but once pumped out it turns into a white foam, you massage it into wet skin like any other face wash and then rinse off. I found this product didn't leave my skin feeling over dry like many cleansers for oily skin do which is a great plus, It left my skin feeling clean and fresh... there isn't really any smell to it at all either which is another plus for those whose skin reacts to fragrance . Having said that this product did not overly impress me, nor do I have anything bad to say about it really. Its just an average face wash, it takes dirt of my face but doesn't really do much else, I didn't find it helped with any break outs I have but It did take the oily away for a while, so maybe if your skin is just oily and not very spot prone this might be a good product for you. Before I used this product i was using a la roche posay face wash which I found amazing! so maybe this is why I feel that this product is just a little blah and quite and anti climax. 


  1. I really like No7 skincare, haven't tried this cleanser though. I use the cream hot cloth cleanser from the same range which I absolutely love, maybe that will work better for your skin?xxx

  2. Yeh it might, Im thinking of checking more out soon. Just finishing up the one I have then ill do a boots run and have a look around.