Friday, 27 April 2012

Its raining men!

The lush 'its raining men' shower gel is possibly the best smelling shower gel I have ever used! Its a mix between honey and toffee and buttery goodness. Mmmmmmmm, just thinking about it makes me hungry, it smells that good...( I don't recommend eating it though) Its a honey gold/yellow colour and comes in various sizes 100g- £4.25, 250g- £8.50 (which is what I have), 500g- £14.95. I bought this for my birthday which was in January and I use it on average ever other day and I'm not even half way through it. You need such a little amount to create a rich soft lather and after iv used it I find my bathroom smells of the gorgeous honey smell. This is a liquid form of honey I washed the kids soap that Lush also do, which I obviously also love more than I should. I think for a shower gel its a little of the pricey side, but because I love the smell so much I think I can deal with having to pay so much for it.

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