Friday, 27 April 2012

Ecotools foundation brush review

So I ran into boots before work, looking for the bourjois healthy mix foundation (another blog post entirely i know) while I was there I spotted the Ecotools retractable foundation brush, that's just like me to get side tracked by products and end up late for work and buying everything in the shop! But I noticed this product was stated as cruelty free, recycled aluminium and earth friendly which took me by surprise as not many beauty products can say the same. Just stating that convinced me to buy it and in all honesty I didn't realise it was retractable at the time, which I actually love now as I'm a university student, so spend a lot of my time lugging my stuff back and forth from halls to my home, this brush is compact and you can just pop the lid on and through it in your bag without a fuss.


  • soft, so so soft! 
  • The bristles are dense which makes it great for liquid foundation 
  • easy to store away as its retractable 
  • The bristles go into a slight point so good for getting in around the nose area. 
  • no shedding or streaks 
  • The brush is synthetic taklon bristles (easy to clean)
  • I have only one con, which isn't really a con but sort of is haha ... as the brush is on the smaller side it takes slightly longer to buff the foundation in, only slightly though. But this isn't necessarily a con at all but I'm clutching at straws here really. 
Also on the packaging it has a green tip, mine read 'recycle what you read! recycle a stack of newspapers just 3 feet high saves one tree' I think its great that companies actually care about things like this, the fact they promote greener living is amazing and when you buy a item like this it actually makes you feel like you have helped in your own little way. Highly recommend not just this brush but the brand as a whole. 


  1. I'm thinking of buying these! Great review and nice blog!

    1. Its a really nice soft brush, so glad I bought it. Also going to do a review on the foundation soon... iv just been test running it. xx