Friday, 27 April 2012

Glossybox-April 2012

So today I received my first ever glossy box, i popped my glossy box cherry so to speak haha I'm sure by now most of you know what Glossybox is so I wont really go into that ... was it worth paying for I hear you asking, well my first impressions say yes! as this month is the organic beauty product month, which is right up my street! This box came with 5 fabulous samples, two of which where full size.

Caudalie vinsource SOS thirst quenching serum Which is a newly launched product that is plant-based and aim to 'never allow your skin to lack moisture', its a light cream that smells slightly of those lemon wipes that you can get at places such a KFC haha an odd comparison I know but its just what the smell reminds me off.   The sample in my glossybox was 10ml, but the tube I find was half full at the most which is a slight let down, but none the less I cant complain as the box as a whole was only £10

Inika Cosmetics certified organic eyeliner This is the first ever organic piece of make up iv ever had, the colour i received was 11 sapphire which in the pencil looks black but once applied becomes a sort of rich blue, which in all fairness is slightly disappointing. However I did a swatch on my hand and then later washed my hands and the swatch is still going strong which is very good but also pretty annoying when your trying to wash it off your hand! haha

Monu Professional skincare- Enriched body cream  which is said at full size to cost £23 but on feel unique you can grab it for £19.50. This product is said to help with the elasticity in your skin and to help the collagen smooth and firm. I really like the smell of this product, its sort of a sweet smell but not to over powering. Its also a fairly thick texture and I can see me really enjoying this product.

Philip B drop dead straightening balm  Now this I'm not to over the moon about, mainly because I don't straighten my hair, so I wont really get much us out of this at all. Also I opened the tube to have a smell as you do and it exploded all over my hands, it was a right mess. Not a happy bunny with this one at all.

Fig and Rouge lip balm  Now this came in such cute packaging, its a little metal tin with a sort of floral design on it! Its 100% natural, with peppermint and tea tree which is antibacterial, this is beyond perfect for someone like me because I suffer with VERY dry lips all year round, I cant go a day without putting lip balm on because my lips become so dry and sore. The product itself smells very fresh and minty and feels sort of grainy to touch but once applied its a smooth as a baby's bum. I'm in love! totally 100% in love with this, once I have run out I'm so going to stock up on more! there are loads of different flavours and ingredients in the brand and I cant wait to try them out.

So all in all, I quite like this box, the fact these products are all organic I love, I'm very impressed with the lip balm and the Caudalie face serum. I think its safe to say iv been converted to the world of Glossybox which isn't so good for my purse but never mind!

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