Sunday, 6 May 2012

bourjois healthy mix foundation

So the Bourjois healthy mix foundation is probably one of the most talked about foundations right now, its been compared to the likes of MAC face and body and said to be made in the same factory as chanel . It claims to be radiance boosting, up to 16 hour wear and a fruit therapy based foundation, Its also been voted the product of the year and rates 10/10 but the daily mail. So my expectations were very high when I bought this, It cost £9.99 and can be bought at superdrug, boots and online.


  •  It has a beautiful coverage (light-medium) and applies like a dream. 
  •  Has a nice finish to it, sort of semi matt. 
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Lets skin breath
  • Gives 8 hours of moister (so it says)
  • Pump dispenser so its hygienic. (as you can see in the photo) 
  • Easy to control the amount that comes out as well due to the pump. So no waist of product or mess.

  • Its heavily fragrant, I enjoy the smell but I can see that if your sensitive to smell or your skin doesn't like products overly fragrant this may be a problem for you
  • Shade rang- there are only 3 shades available, I have shade 52 and I'm an NC20 in MAC, that is as pale as the range goes, so if your very pale or very tanned you wont be able to find a shade that matches. 
Having said this, Bourjois have come out with a healthy mix serum foundation that has a lot more shade range, It may also be more suitable for someone who has slightly more dry or mature skin.

Overall I really like this foundation, for the price its great. I leaves my skin looking and feeling nice and smooth and I really like the smell of it, nice and fruit unlike some other that smell like paint. Well worth the hype.


  1. I also love this foundation! :)

    1. Yeh its really nice, I makes my skin look great x