Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites

So its that time again, when the month ends and everyone is bombarded with monthly favourites. I know this is a massive cliché but where the hell has November gone? I am so excited for this month to end mind, as I really love Christmas and the whole run up to it, and now December is knocking on our door it has become socially acceptable to go out in my Christmas jumpers, eat myself into a chocolate coma and listen to Christmas songs on repeat.  Also I get to open my first door of my advent calendar tomorrow! eeek.

There are several things I have been loving this month, first being Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry as I hate washing my hair, and I am really lazy. This dry shampoo smells great and takes a lot less effort than shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and styling my hair does.

The next two things are skincare, the Origins Drink-up Intensive is a great mask for this time of year as it really helps to hydrate dry, sore and chapped skin that can be caused by the harsh winter weather. The next is Clearasil Anti-Blemish Treatment Cream, I tend to get a lot of hormonal spots and this cream helps to reduce the redness and tackle the size of the pimple fairly well, and is affordable and easily accessible.

I have also rediscovered MAC Charcoal Brown eye shadow, which I am currently loving applying under my eyes and also with a MAC liner brush on my lash line. This shadow really helps define my eyes, and gives a great smoky look.

Another two products I have rediscovered this month are both of the Lush products, the Popcorn lip scrub which tastes like a dream and makes my lips feel so soft, and also It Starts With a Kiss Lip Tint which gives me the perfect effortless red lip colour, which isn't to over powering and is easy to maintain throughout the day.

Finally my miscellaneous non beauty monthly favourites are my red slippers as they make me feel so Christmasy and happy. They were only about £2 from Primark and keep my feet so toasty and warm. I am also currently obsessed with Blogilates, I am halfway through her Beginners Month Calender and I am actually enjoying working out every day. She is so motivational and has such a healthy approach to fitness and nutrition. As far as TV shows go, this month I have literally spent all my free time watching Orange Is The New Black, and I am now up to date and have watched ever episode. It became a weird addiction of mine this month and I loved every second of every episode, I would highly recommend the show, unless you are younger than 16... then I would suggest maybe giving it a miss haha.

November has been a good month for me, and I hope December will be even better. What have you been loving this month? I would love to discover new products, tv shows and health/fitness products, videos est.


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